Even though it is important for us to tell you more about Studio Cha we know it is more important to show you what other people think and say about our Studio. We are therefore handing over the “microphone” to some of our old students, current students as well as parents.

Oud Studio Cha Student
Voorgelê deur: Daniella Goncalves- Oud Studio Cha Student (20)


Studio Cha is an amazing studio where I developed every year. At Studio Cha I realised how to do things with my voice. Things I never expected I would be able to do! Along with my vocal development, my self-confidence improved greatly. All of this is a possibility because the teachers invest a 110% of themselves into their students. The relationship with my coaches has grown along with my talent, and today I can honestly say that they have become special friends of mine. Studio Cha is so much more than just a singing and performance school – and that is what makes them special.

Danielle Goncalves

Old Studio Cha Student 

Huidige Studio Cha Student
Voorgelê deur: Anja Botha- Huidige Studio Cha Student (20)


Studio Cha is more than just a wonderful singing school, or a studio with four walls. Here I have built and developed special relationships with many people. As a person I have grown so much and found a big part of who I am. Here I realised what a huge impact a mentor and a teacher can have on your life. I can continue singing their praise for much longer, about the wonderful opportunities that we get from the studio, the quality of teaching and care, but then I will keep you busy for way too long. To sum it up in short: Deciding to join and become a part of Studio Cha was one of the best decisions of my life.

Anja Botha

Current Studio Cha Student

Heel eerste Studio Cha Student
Voorgelê deur: Chanté van der Westhuizen- Heel eerste Studio Cha Student (20)


I started with vocal training with Chantalle at the very young age of 6 years – a grade 1 scholar with a passion for music and singing! When I look back now, almost thirteen years later, I can honestly say that neither one of us really knew what an astonishing journey we were embarking on together. Apart from the quality of teaching that I received, my teacher was my role model, the person who I looked up to the most, and the person who became my best friend. Singing classes were never too serious and the Studio was always filled with happiness, love and laughter – that being said we also worked really hard when we had to! At Studio Cha I received the best training. It was wonderful to have a teacher that really understood every student’s needs and who took care of us all. During my 6 years at Studio Cha I found my passion and hunger for singing and performing. I became a part of a special singing family. I have the most precious memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you to Studio Cha for my unforgettable years as a child!


Chanté van der Westhuizen

The very first Studio Cha student

She is currently staying in New Zealand and is busy with her university studies

Mattie & Johan (Snr) Fourie - Ouers van Huidige Studio Cha Student Johan Fourie
Voorgelê deur: Mattie & Johan (Snr) Fourie - Ouers van Huidige Studio Cha Student Johan Fourie (21)


Johan has been receiving vocal training since the age of 8 years – or so we thought - until he joined Studio Cha, at the age of 12 years. After the first class we thought that Johan couldn’t sing at all. Every word, every note, every little thing is trained with an attention to detail, compassion and focus. There is a structure that is set in place, and they keep to it. Even the choreography and the outfits for every song, are planned to the tee. Johan had so much confidence when he stepped onto a stage, because of the fact that he was polished and well-prepared. We suddenly realised that there were many other styles, not just English and Afrikaans, and that every style could be sung differently – from a scoop in Country to a grunt in Rock. We soon realised that our child was now at a Studio that functioned on a complete different level in terms of training. Today we just want to say thank you, because our son is prepared with special tools, to confidently take on his own singing career.

Mattie & Johan (Snr) Fourie

Parents of a current student Johan Fourie (21)

And yes – he is still coming for singing classes!