Why Studio Cha?

Currently there are more singing studios and trainers to choose from than ever before! This usually causes uncertainty when you have to choose the correct one. Here are a few important reasons why Studio Cha should be your first choice:

Quality Coaching

Studio Cha’s most distinguished characteristic is the quality of coaching that we give in comparison with other singing schools. At Studio Cha we do not focus on numbers or quantity – but rather on the quality of guiding each and every student. Studio Cha has been crowned with the following awards, which speaks volumes about our quality:

  • 7 x Best Singing Studio in Pretoria, awarded by PTA Beeld Eisteddfod.
  • 5 x Best Studio in Tshwane, awarded by the National Eisteddfod Academy.
  • 1 x Best Singing Studio, awarded by “Sing for the Stars” singing competition.
  • 3 x Best Singing Studio, awarded at Garsfontein Arts Festival.
  • Every year we have many Studio Cha students who participate in SATCH (South African Talent Championships), who get chosen as part of the South African team. These team members then continue to participate in AMTC (Actors, Models & Talents for Christ) which takes place in America.

Student growth

Studio Cha creates an environment where students can experience remarkable growth and improvement. Studio Cha is concerned about every single student’s development and growth under our guidance. In most cases this attribute of Studio Cha is one of the most important reasons why students consider changing studios and joining us. Sometimes students can reach a plato in terms of their growth, and might be in search of a new level in their singing/vocal training – Studio Cha is this next level.

Exposure to a variety of elements

Studio Cha provides students with exposure to different elements of being an artist - all in one place! The value that students receive from the Studio Cha products cannot be compared to other private singing studios. At Studio Cha it is not just about developing the voice, but also about all the additional elements that we have, which makes the studio uniquely sought after.

Being a part of a singing family

Studio Cha creates a team-driven environment where students can feel that they belong and fit in. At Studio Cha we have a very special and unique culture of being a family. Parents and students do not experience each other as direct competition, but rather as friends and family. In addition to that, our students actively support each other at singing opportunities and competitions and grant each other the privilege to perform well. This supportive culture makes Studio Cha the ideal environment for positive development of every student’s self-image and self-confidence.