Who Can Join?

Studio Cha has a wide variety of students that benefit from our services. And yes, we do believe it is never too early, or too late, to pursue your passion and dream of singing.

School Children

Studio Cha accepts students for vocal training between the ages of Grade 1 and Grade 12. If your child has a passion for culture and singing, you can be rest assured that you will not find a better place than Studio Cha. At Studio Cha all our children are fond about singing and in most cases singing is their primary after-school activity. If your child is serious about developing his/her singing talent, and is possibly considering a career in the music industry, there is not a better choice than Studio Cha. Please do not be concerned with distance, it is not a problem – our students come from all corners of the country (Ellisras, Groblersdal, Secunda and Botswana!) for vocal training at Studio Cha.


Studio Cha accepts adult students of all ages. Here are a few reasons why an adult student can benefit from Studio Cha:

  • As a scholar you loved culture and you sang as a soloist. Although your singing has not yet developed into a career for you, you still have the need to fulfil your passion for singing. Studio Cha is the perfect environment to fulfil your passion for singing.
  • You are a lead singer or worship leader at your church and you have the need to focus on further vocal development. Studio Cha helps you to continue sharpening up your technique and to sing with more confidence.
  • You are getting married and you want to sing a special song on your wedding day. Studio Cha can help you with this!

Professional Artists

Studio Cha is involved with upcoming and established artists in the South African entertainment industry. Studio Cha is involved with artists in the following ways:

  • Further vocal and technique development.
  • Final polishing of repertoire for commercial performances, shows and theatre productions.
  • Final polishing of vocals prior to recording an album.
  • Final polishing of repertoire for auditions.