What We Offer?

Studio Cha offers two products:

  • Vocal and performance Coaching;
  • Songwriting.

**Please Note: The cost of these products will not be indicated here. Once an audition is booked, we discuss it personally during the audition.

Vocal and Performance Coaching

This product is unique to Studio Cha! At Studio Cha we use a holistic approach to develop a student’s singing talent. We don’t believe in only developing the voice, but we also focus on developing our students as a complete “package”. And for that we reason we include the following elements into our product:

  • Guidance with song choices and the process of buying backtracks.
  • We facilitate vocal development and technique.
  • Assistance with stage planning, movement and choreography.
  • Guidance with planning outfits and props.
  • Assistance in combining singing with choreography and movement.
  • Exposure to local, national and international singing competitions.
  • Provide opportunities to record a Demo CD at the end of the year.
  • Exposure to a professional photo shoot.
  • Participation in a professional end-of-the-year production or show.

We recommend that students should stay at Studio Cha for a minimum of one year in order to experience the complete package and value of our product. If students are selected to receive vocal and performance coaching, they receive a one hour intensive one-one-one session every week. [Please note that we do not close during school holidays]. The product does not just offer training for solo singing, we also include options for duet, trio or group singing.


Our songwriting package facilitates students with writing original songs. Carlé van Deventer, Crescendo winner, and an artist in the music industry herself, hosts this product. It is becoming more and more important for upcoming artists to have their own original repertoire. The following elements are included in the songwriting package:

  • Guidance with writing original lyrics (Afrikaans or English).
  • Assistance with composing a melody.
  • Guidance and facilitation with making backtracks or arrangements.
  • Registration of original songs with SAMRO (www.samro.org.za).
  • Facilitation with a professional voice-recording of the songs.
  • Assistance with final polishing of the vocals and the performance of the song.

The final product is a professional demo recording, which is of such good quality, that it can be presented to any record label in the country. The vocal and performance coaching product mainly focuses on vocal development and performance, and the songwriting product focuses on the student’s creations and creative abilities.

The songwriting product is an exciting journey where students can explore and discover the artists in themselves. For a student considering a future career in singing, we suggest that they combine the vocal and performance coaching and songwriting packages for maximum growth and potential development. If a student decides to take the songwriting package, they receive a 30 minute one-on-one session per week. [Please note that Studio Cha does not close during school holidays.]